Digital Experience! Exhibitor Preview

Digital Experience! offers a vast array of hi-tech and digitally driven manufacturers, software publishers and online services an opportunity to showcase current products and feature their tech strategies.

Digital Experience! takes place Thursday, June 21st, 2012, from 6-9 pm at the Metropolitan Pavilionolympus-LS-10S

Though not open to public, for those of us in the press, it presents a chance to take in the trends at once and give us an opportunity to relay to our audiences, either in one burst, or over time, what is happening with various products and trends. 

And given the focus on portability and compactness, most of the products featured are perfectly suitable to anyone traveling to a conference, trade show or festival of whatever kind.

Below is the list of the participants -- and their preview of what they will be selling and marketing from now into the Christmas season. And given the stuff mentioned below, they will undoubtedly be popping online here at FFtrav over the next few months.