High With a Little Help from Woodstock

Whatever you're doing, take a break and give yourself some laughter therapy.

Signed   Pete Fornatale

Wikipedia tells us the tee-hee "may ensue from jokes, tickling or other stimuli." I'll spare you my joke-telli

ng; nor will I attempt a goochie goo. But I feel compelled to share "other stimuli" in the form of a video that DJ Pete Fornatale screened last night at a salute to rock 'n roll's

first rave. It had the audience howling, and within a click it'll have you yipping too.

The event was "Woodstock 40 Years Later: Featuring Pete Fornatale of WFUV," staged by SobelMedia in its Samsung Experience lair, and the video was "Happy Birthday from Joe Cocker and me."

As you know if you were breathing in 1969, the Grease Band frontman belted his cover of the Beatles' "High With a Little Help from my Friends" to 400,000 of these friends at Max Yasgur's upstate New York farm. The performance was famously incoherent, you'll recall – or not, depending on your 60s cred – so the video you're about to encounter is "captioned for the clear-headed."

Enjoy, and if the counterculture seizes you, head over to Amazon.com and order a copy of Fornatale's Back to the Garden: The Story of Woodstock. He read us a few excerpts, and if the rest of the book is as entertaining, you're in for a trip.

Peace, Tie-dye and Happiness.

Source: YouTube