International Luxury & Special Travel Website Launches:

findertrip.comMADRID, SPAIN – The innovative travel website,, is a web portal where the world’s travel agencies specializing in unique and most luxurious vacations meet with the world’s most discriminating clients.

Founder Tomas Coloma Aguado explains the need for in today’s travel market, “The inspiration to create was based on our market research where we found that no other travel websites on the Internet had a primary focus on quality of travel but rather on price.”

Launched on February 1st, 2011, offers specialty travel agencies a new approach to reach clientele internationally. The website caters to a niche clientele located in countries that either have pronounced tendencies for traveling, like the U.S and Europe, or have emerging cultural and economic affluence like China and India., using the latest SEO, SEM and Web 2.0 strategies, enables high-end travel agencies to extend their business to a global level, beyond the limits of traditional seasonal travel and difficult positioning in the Internet and the biggest search engines.

Response to the site from experts worldwide has been very positive and encouraging. offers unique benefits to both the travel agency and the user. Some of the benefits for travel agencies are as follows:

Unique benefits and time-saving features to users on are as follows:

The site has grown up surprisingly since it was launched on February 1st 2011. Users from more than 100 countries have visited more than 40.000 pages in just one month and more than 50 travel agencies are currently promoting their travel offers at, with more than 50 travel agencies waiting to publish their offers.

The world of tourism needed a site such as, a site which emphasizes quality instead of price. is the site for quality travelling.