Black History Month Events in NY with The Asase Yaa Cultural Arts Foundation


The Asase Yaa Cultural Arts Foundation, based out of PS 21 in Brooklyn, will be contributing to several major Black History Month Celebrations throughout NY during February. One of their special events is a performance of "The HBCU Show," an original play which will be a featured at the Weeksville Heritage Center in Brooklyn. Written by Kofi Osei Williams, Executive Director of Asase Yaa Cultural Arts Foundation, "The HBCU Show" follows six adolescents from Brooklyn, NY, growing up with adversities and trying to live up to the society around them and recounts their personal stories of participating in a Historically Black College & University Tour.

Asase Yaa specializes in "edutainment variety performances." combine African history and folklore music and dance, performed at school, festivals, and special events.

"It's an honor and we're very proud to be able to contribute to a wide range of Black History Month celebrations and events this month," noted Osei Williams, Executive Director of the Asase Yaa Cultural Arts Foundation. "Our core tenets are to Enrich, Educate, Entertain and to empower and strengthen our youth by offering them an opportunity to learn, study and experience the history, movement and beauty of African Diasporic dance, music and culture at its highest level," he added.

Asaye Yaa's full slate of events for Black History month includes:

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