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Peter Christian Hall Wants YOU To Sell "American Fever"

american fever coverThe latest novel from author/filmmaker Peter Christian Hall is American Fever: A Tale of Romance & Pestilence. It follows a blogger in New York writing about the world five years after a devastating bird-flu pandemic had laid waste to much of the United States.

And now YOU get to help him sell the book!

Publisher Arterial Witness is offering a $1,000 prize to the filmmaker that can create a 73-second video trailer for American Fever that also uses an original song by Gang of Four’s legendary guitarist, composer, and producer, Andy Gill.

The contest is embracing the rise of crowdsourced projects and taking an almost egalitarian approach to advertising.

Hall said in his email, “There’s a world of enterprising talent out there in film schools and tiny production companies — scouring magazines, websites, and the great DSLR blogs -- itching to make an fast impact with great images.”

In an age when a book can start off as a fan-fiction for a popular series about vampires and be launched to literary stardom (as in British author E. L. James with her 2011 hit erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey), the world is taking a new approach to the creation and selling of books.

Some would question this approach, but I find that since the story is told through blog posts that this is an appropriate means of conveyance for the story. In a way, it’s a continuation of the narrative themes laid down in Bram Stoker's Dracula, a story told through journal entries and news articles.

To learn more, go to or

And American Fever is actually already available to read online for free at Shoutout

The backroom bar at the new Hell's Kitchen hotspot Industry was packed with the movers and shakers of Manhattan's altLBGT community on January 20th at a launch party for, an upscale website described by its founders as "the new gay lifestyle guide for New Yorkers."

The site is available free of charge to all "sophisticated urbanites" following a painless and non-intrusive registration process.

The launch event was co-hosted by GLAAD and was billed as a benefit for that national media watchdog organization. Representing GLAAD at the event was Richard Ferraro, Director of Communications.

Also on hand was TheShowt co-founder Josh Siegel, a self-described "foodie," who was accompanied by his lovely fiancée.

Read more: Shoutout

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