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SXSW Review: "Creep"

Directed by Patrick Brice
Starring Patrick Brice, Mark Duplass
Comedy, Horror, Romance
82 Mins
United States

Mark Duplass has had quite a run in the fledgling stages of his career. From small roles in the likes of Oscar baity films, such as Zero Dark Thirty and, le sigh, Parkland, to larger roles in unsung indie hits Humpday and Safety Not Guaranteed, and simply as the reliably affable straight man, Pete, on The League, it's easy to admit that Duplass has got range. He dips his toes in the pools of all different genres and mediums, working as an accomplished dramatic actor and solid comedian to boot. It's then such a surprise that perhaps the greatest work he's done is in a found little footage horror movie called Creep.

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Talking with Leigh Janiak of "Honeymoon"

When you think of filmmakers from the sci-fi or horror genre, the first thing that pops into your mind most likely isn't a young female director. Leigh Janiak though is here with Honeymoon to challenge that assumption. Crafting a modern sci-fi/horror film actually worth remembering, Janiak showcases her razor sharp ability to cull great performances while demonstating a kingpin-level status of economic filmography.

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SXSW Review: "Arlo and Julie"

"Arlo and Julie"
Directed by Steve Mimms
Starring Alex Dobrenko, Ashley Spillers, Sam Eidson, Chris Doubek, Mallory Culbert, Hugo Vargas-Zesati 
United States

Anyone who's ever put a jigsaw puzzle together before understands the acute stages of puzzle insanity. At first, it's an exciting endeavor, like diving into a new George R.R. Martin tome or deciding that you're gonna start hitting the gym again. After about twenty minutes of turning over white pieces, you already feel the first tinge of frustration, that beading realization of what you've just committed to. Finally, you've put together the exterior, that beautiful border to encapsulate all, fencing in that headless herd of jigsaw madness. Cue feelings of adequacy, and perhaps even ecstasy. Then comes the middle bits, the monotony of a sea of monochromatic shades, so unanimously uniform that you may as well piece them together blindfolded. Eventually, parties become frustrated, tensions rise and deep-seated issues simmer up between you and your in-it-to-win-it puzzle partner. Maybe you shout, cry, give it all up. Maybe even a table gets flipped. But what happens when a puzzle gets so out of control that it takes over your life? That's exactly the question Steve Mimms asks in Arlo and Julie.

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SXSW Review: "Fort Tilden"

"Fort Tilden"
Directed by Sarah Violet Bliss and Charles Rogers
Starring Bridey Elliott, Clare McNulty, Neil Casey, Becky Yamamoto, DesireƩ Nash, Peter Vack, Jeffrey Scaperrotta
95 Mins
United States

Remember when tying your shoes was an impossible chore? When you could only get places at the discretion of your mom's minivan? When you didn't know how to cook yourself a meal so you relied on someone else's feeding hand so that you wouldn't starve? These, among others, are lessons that Fort Tilden's anti-heroines never seemed to learn.

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