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From The Archives: There is The Cannes Film Festival - And There is Everything Else

Imagine. It is Spring on the French Riviera. You’re sitting on an ermine-lined deck chair on Aristole Onassis’ personal battleship / yacht, while shiny, happy people with bank accounts greater than an impoverished third-world country cavort around you. One of the Hilton sisters, Paris or Nicky, trots by to sit on your lap while you gently feed one her large helpings of beluga caviar and she, in return puts her full champagne glass to your lips and grabs a-hold of your…

There’s The Cannes Film Festival, and there’s everything else: It is the global apex of the film festival circuit. Glamor Central: where the beautiful people come to try out what they learned in arrogance school.

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From The Archives: Cannes 2004

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Blvd Croisette-Cannes

The girls at the American Pavilion began the day with yoga and gossip. The day I got there, it was early enough to see this routine.

First there were the morning stretches, and then, exchanged news about the parties and rumors of parties they wished to investigate before going into a rousing rendition of the 1990s Walt Disney songbook --- they had seen Pocahontas and Little Mermaid tapes hundreds of times, I guess, and had the whole thing memorized.

These are the shiny, happy people who spend most of the day waiting on tables where producers, actors, and journalists will be vastly overcharged for lunch and snacks after paying another €20 for the privilege of sitting there.

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FestForums Santa Barbara: Learn How to Make the Best Fest


Organizing a film festival, music festival, or food fest can be a tremendous undertaking. It is crucial to understand everything that can go wrong and how to best mitigate possible disaster and turn your fest into one of legend (and not in the way Fyre Fest became legendary). That is where FestForums Santa Barbara comes in. Held at the Fess Parker Resort (633 East Cabrillo Blvd, Santa Barbara, CA) and running November 16 - 18, FestForum is a meeting of minds to help you learn how to get the most out of your festivals.

From their press release: FestForums is a festival conference for food, beverage, music and  film festival industry leaders that takes place biannually in Santa Barbara, CA and New York City.  Addressing cutting-edge technology, talent, ticketing, sponsorships, scheduling, merchandising, operations, sustainability, charitable work, innovation and safety, FestForums brings together festivals and events of all sizes for collaboration and professional development.

To learn more, go to:

FestForums Santa Barbara
November 16 - 18, 2017

Fess Parker Resort
633 East Cabrillo Blvd.
Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Hitchcock Makes for A RED Carpet Evening at the Ziegfeld

helenIn a slinky, black dress with golden patterns, Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren stole the show at the New York premiere of Hitchcock at the Ziegfeld Theater in midtown. Previously it had made its splash debut at Los Angeles' AFI Fest earlier this month. 

The 67 year-old Britisher gave Scarlett Johannson (who plays Janet Leigh), wearing an tight asymmetrical mini-tube dress, and Jessica Biel, (Vera Miles) in a glittery top and matching pants, a run for the money on the red carpet. The newlywed’s diamond ring is big as a quail’s egg, but Justin Timberlake was nowhere in sight.

Mirren stars in Hitchcock as Alma Reville, the wife of the Psycho director who was usually in the background but indispensible as her husband’s story consultant, continuity person and casting director. 

The only person missing was Anthony Hopkins, who stars as the corpulent director, as he was filming in London, said Hitchcock director Sacha Gervasi.

Other stars from the film on the red carpet included James D’Arcy (Anthony Perkins), Danny Huston (Whitfield Cook, a writer who hits on Mirren’s character), Michael Stuhlberg (Lew Wasserman), Toni Collette (Hitchcock’s secretary) and screenwriter John J. McLaughlin

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