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Film Festival in a Box Game Debuts

 On September 26, 2010, IndieFlix will bring Film Festival in a Box to America’s biggest FFinBoxliving room: Times Square.

Film Festival in a Box is the new interactive movie game where friends watch, judge and rate real films, filmmakers and actors. The launch takes place on the mammoth JumboTron screen where players and passers-by will watch four light-hearted and romantic short films, vote on their favorite and be entered to win prizes including a 3-day 2- night stay in the private villa Casa Soleado in Cabo San Lucas and copies of the Film Festival in a Box game.

Film Festival in a Box creator and IndieFlix CEO Scilla Andreen said, "On September 26 we're bringing the game, and a whole lot of love, to the pedestrian mall at 47th Street with the intent to have fun, spark conversation, and awaken a new generation of audiences to the joy of independent film."

Flash mobs, schwag and more will mark the game's launch at the "Love in Times Square" event.

The new game featuring the works of indie film talents brings the fun of a film fest into players’ homes and parties: "meet 'n greets", Best Picture awards and all.

Players of the Film Festival in a Box game watch four short flicks on DVD, grouped by genre (such as Love, Comedy, Pottymouth, or Zombie) then discuss and debate. Players make their decisions then go online to where they join the buzz of the virtual film festival by voting for Best Picture, Best Performance and Best Original Story.

Actual filmmakers and crews can meet the Film Festival in a Box players right there online, making for a vibrant game experience with all the behind-the-scenes connectivity that's best about a truly great film festival.

IndieFlix is a multi-platform film distribution company founded in 2004 to help independent filmmakers take advantage of new media and connect with their audience. IndieFlix promises to build a fair and open market to empower filmmakers to be the engine of their achievement and audiences to be a vital part of a movie's success.

IndieFlix is launching the movie game to remind the world that independent film is more than just unique, visionary and honest but also a lot of fun.

The Film Festival in a Box game -- priced at $14.99 retail -- is available online at and at independent retailers such as:

  • Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store in Brooklyn
  • Fred Segal (Zero Minus Plus) in Santa Monica
  • NuBe Green in Seattle

More details can be found at -- look for Love in Times Square to learn more.

Sega Previews Yakuza 4 at NYC Gaming Event

Gamers are a unique breed, aren't they?  After a long day of life's labors, they sequester themselves in Yakuza 4 Game Screen & Poster [photo: B. Balfour]a room and launch into a digital nirvana of their own making. Gamers are their generation's ultimate escapists. Retreating for hours into their own pixelated paradise, they've had fantasies of war, battle or driving a Ferrari on the moon.

I have been fascinated by this notion of tech-escapism, but that interest really peaked about a year ago when I read about what medical pros are calling "The Avatar Blues." This is a temporary depression felt by nerds when they left the theater after their first screening of Avatar in 3D. If you longed for the beauty and eye-popping wonder of Pandora's flora and fauna, than you are a plagued with this ailment.

Read more: Sega Previews Yakuza 4 at NYC...

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