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Verge Emerging Art Fair Premieres in New York

For the inaugural New York round of the Verge Emerging Art Fair, being held March 4-7, 2010, at YellowFishArt Gallery, owner Alessandro Mangiarotti is exhibiting an installation on a bed. The improvised display, by French-Turkish art duo Lorand Revault and Ali Umut Ergin, saves the Montreal shop $500. That's what it'd cost to remove the King Size from a room at Verge's Dylan Hotel site.

Welcome to contemporary art's newest showcase, an exciting prospect for small fry like the four-year-old YellowFishArt who'd be swallowed by leviathans in a bigger expo, yet still a Darwinian test of survival skills.  

"The aquarium is full of sharks, but you jump into the water, drink your scotch — and remain very aware," says Mangiarotti. While his outfit specializing in Italian and Japanese artists may not easily afford the splurge, it apparently can't afford to sit out such a promising forum's big city debut.

Verge is not, however, a true virgin. It was conceived from the detritus of the Bridge Art Fair, a non-profit noted for sparking controversy during its three-year career.

Billing itself as "the only art fair exclusively devoted to emerging art," Verge puts over new works in all media, with an eye toward combating stasis in evaluating and exhibiting art. It builds on Bridge's embrace of themes ranging from golems and murder mysteries to stunt professionals and "swarthy men in fast cars."

Like Bridge, Verge coincides with Armory Arts Week, which sees thousands of artists and art connoisseurs descend on the City each March. It's hardly the only satellite fair to orbit the Armory Show; Verge joins fellow upstarts Independent and Critical Design as well as veterans Scope, Pulse, Pool, Fountain and Red Dot.

Another established art fair, Volta, is located a scant seven blocks from the Dylan. Newcomer Verge stands to draw some of Volta's traffic, a windfall surely not lost on Verge Artistic Director and Brooklyn artist Edoaurd Steinhauer. With so many satellites vying for fair-goers' attention, being strategically situated could make the difference in a critic's ability to squeeze one more venue into his/her crammed agenda. 

Originally, seven countries were slated to supply Verge's entries, including Greece, Germany, China and Serbia. In the end, Japan, Canada are France are what's left of the show's non-U.S. contingent. Ten galleries have a Brooklyn address, including the Williamsburg-based Gitana Rosa Gallery, which promotes eco-sustainable through its themes and methods as well as through donations to environmental causes.

Though peddling art that's as divergent as their sources, Verve's motley affiliates are apt to agree on at least one thing: Mangiarotti's belief that "there's no way to participate with a zillion-dollar gallery like a Gagosian."

Here's a list of participating galleries, ateliers, storefronts, artist collectives and artist-run spaces:

ANTIDOTE, Brooklyn, NY
AS Projects, Paris, France
Boltax Gallery, Shelter Island, New York
• Cellar Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Alice Chilton Grace Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Corridor Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Front Room Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
• Galerie Yellowfishart, Montréal, Québec, Canada
Gitana Rosa Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Khaki Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts
•  MS Projects, Brooklyn, NY
Megumi Ogita, Tokyo, Japan
Sara Nightingale Gallery, Shelter Island, NY
Nroom Artspace, Tokyo, Japan
NURTUREart, Brooklyn, NY
Jonathan Schipper/Pierogi Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Rush Arts Gallery, New York, NY
Satori Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Slate Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Sculpture Space, Utica, NY
Spence Projects, Brooklyn, NY
Sculpture Space, Utica, NY
Tache Gallery, Richmond Hill, NY
Van Uxem Projects, NY, NY

The Dylan Hotel
52 East 41st Street
New York, NY
(312) 612-2270

Manifest Equality Art Show, Hollywood

Manifest Equality is an advocacy celebration of LGBT &mndash; lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender — art and culture, being held March 3 - 7, 2010 at the Manifest Equality Gallery at 341 Vine Street, Hollywood, CA. A diverse array of hundreds of visual artists gather together under one roof to join with the LGBT community, their friends, family members and co-workers to demand full and equal rights for all Americans.

Leading up to this event, Manifest Equality sponsored a nationwide online art contest focusing on the themes of Equality, Justice, Respect, Unity, Civil Rights and Love. The panel of judges include:

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
Annie Philbin (Hammer Museum)
Shepard Fairey (Artist),
Ed Ruscha (Artist)
Lari Pittman (Artist)
Lisa Love (Senior WC Editor, Vogue),
Franklin Sirmans (Curator Contemporary Art, LACMA)
Edgar Arceneaux (Director, Watts House Project)
Rick Jacobs (Founder, Courage Campaign)
David Pagel (Art Critic)

Five winning artists will have their work hang with nationally recognized peers at the Manifest Equality Gallery, and 10 second-prize winners will join the online exhibition.
Participating artists include:

Catia Chien
Robbie Conal
Roman Coppola
Ron English
Shepard Fairey
Sarah Folkman
Tierney Gearon
Karen Kimmel
Barry McGee
Elizabeth McGrath
Harvey Pekar

Clare Rojas
Tara Seibel

This event is produced by the team behind the MANIFESTHOPE exhibitions/campaigns at the Democratic National Convention 2008 and the Presidential Inauguration 2009.  

For more information, visit

Manifest Equality
March 3-7, 2010
1341 Vine Street
Hollywood, CA

Seattle Print Fair 2010

Valentine's Day weekend marks the ninth anniversary of the Seattle Print Fair, held this year from February 12 to 14, 2010 at the Davidson Galleries in Seattle, Washington's historic Pioneer Square.

The annual event brings together original print dealers in the U.S. and Canada for a rare opportunity to view thousands of original woodcuts, lithographs and etchings dating from 1480 to now, and to learn about the artists and subjects from knowledgeable representatives.

Exhibiting are:

The Annex Galleries, Santa Rosa, CA – Established in 1971, the Annex Galleries features works from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, with a focus on  American printmaking from 1900-1975. Color woodcut, modernist prints, abstract expressionist prints, WPA and Atelier 17 works and the estates of Gustave Baumann, William S. Rice, Augusta Rathbone, Edmond CasarellaBernard Childs and Joseph Leboit

Armstrong Fine Art, Chicago, IL – A downtown Chicago gallery offering a wide range of 19th and early 20th century, classic Modernist and contemporary European prints, including work by Pierre Bonnard, Edgar Chahine, Jean-Emile Laboureur, Louis Legrand, Auguste Renoir, David Smith-Harrison, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Edouard Vuillard.

Azuma Gallery
, Seattle, WA – A leading representative of modern Japanese print artists, Azuma Gallery also showcases contemporary Japanese art, including screens, paintings, ceramics and baskets. Bringing together Japanese and American artists working in both traditional  and contemporary mediums, Azuma offers a unique mix of talents, mediums and styles rarely found in the U.S. Print artists represented include Daniel Kelly, Toko Shinoda, Naoko Matsubara, and Rey Morimura.

Joel R. Bergquist Fine Arts, Stanford, CA – A private dealer in 17th through early 20th century prints and drawings, the stock is primarily European, with a smaller  selection of American and Canadian prints, including Goya, Piranesi, Renoir, Tissot, Whistler, Luce, Manet and Pissarro.  Early lithography, 18C French color prints, Romantic period imagery, and mezzotints are also emphasized

William P. Carl Fine Prints
, Northampton, MA – 2010 marks 34 years in the business of buying and selling fine prints, specialists in the period 1850 to the present  with an emphasis on color woodcuts (arts and crafts), WPA era prints, Whistler and his circle, and modern Dutch, Belgian and other fine European printmakers. Among contemporary printmakers are the work of Charles Donker (Dutch), Jakob Demus (Austrian) and Vincent van Ojen (Dutch).

Cullom Gallery , Seattle, WA  – Cullom Gallery focuses on the tradition and influence of Japanese woodblock prints and works on paper, including ukiyo-e prints by Hiroshige, Hokusai, Kunisada, Kuniyoshi, and Yoshitoshi; sosaku hanga by Koshiro Onchi,  Sumio Kawakami, Kishio Koizumi, Wada Sanzo, Naoko Matsubara, and Yoshida family artists; contemporary  moku hanga by Japanese and Western printmakers; as well as drawings, paper cuts, 19th century stencils and  Japanese paper ephemera.

Davidson Galleries, Seattle, WA – Davidson Galleries has an extensive inventories of both antique and contemporary prints. The Contemporary Print Department exhibits and co-publishes prints by emerging and established European and American artists. The Antique Print Department maintains a collection of more than 5,000 early prints from 1480-1950, including works by Rouault, Kollwitz, Dürer, Goya, and Hogarth.

Egenolf Gallery Japanese Prints, Burbank, CA – A private dealer specializing in fine 18th and 19th century ukiyo-e and 20th century shin hanga Japanese woodblock prints, Egenolf Gallery also has a special interest in Japanese preparatory drawings. Artists represented include Harunobu, Kawase Hasui, Hiroshige, Hokusai, Kiyonaga, Ohara Koson, Torii Kotondo, Kunisada, Toyokuni, Kitagawa Utamaro, Hiroshi Yoshida and Yoshitoshi.

Conrad R. Graeber Fine Art, Riverwood, MD – A private dealer from Maryland, Conrad Graeber offers a wide inventory of 19th century American, British, European  and Japanese fine prints and drawings. These include prints by John Taylor Arms, Albert Barker, George Bellows,  George Elbert Burr, Arthur B. Davies, Fritz Eichenberg, Helen Hyde, Charles Meryon, Thomas Moran, Max Weber and James A. McNeill Whistler.

Jan Johnson Old Master and Modern Prints, Inc, Montreal, Canada – This Member has been in business since 1979. Originating in London before moving  to Montreal, they carry a wide range of both major and lesser-known European prints from 1490-1940, with an emphasis on fine impressions, including Durer, Goltzius, Goya, Tiepolo, Rembrandt, Dix, Picasso and Vuillard.

The Old Print Shop, New York, NY – The Old Print Shop was founded in 1898 and has been in the same location in Manhattan since 1925.  Since its inception, the gallery has focused on the graphic arts, artists who use printmaking as an expressive medium.  The gallery has a large collection of American prints from 1750 to contemporary, antique maps, as well as photography, both vintage and contemporary.

About the IFPDA

The IFPDA is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the highest ethical standards and quality among fine print dealers, and to promoting greater appreciation of prints among art collectors and the general public.

For more information, visit and

Seattle Print Fair
February 12 -14, 2010

Davidson Galleries
313 Occidental Ave South
Seattle, Washington

Outsider Art Fair NYC

One of New York’s most popular fairs returns with Sanford L. Smith & Associates’ 18th Annual Outsider Art Fair, being held February 5 through 7, 2010 at 7 W 34th Street, near Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Last year, enthusiasm for the unique Outsider Art Fair prevailed over the turn in the economy, a snowstorm, a change in dates, and a move to a new venue. This year, 38 dealers will gather again at the fair’s new home to bring together the largest and most promising Outsider Art Fair yet.

The fair began eighteen years ago showcasing an otherwise unrecognized market at that time. The fair brings international attention to art created outside of mainstream society—visionary, primitive, self-taught and intuitive in nature.

The American Folk Art Museum will be organizing events and lectures throughout the fair and that week as a part of Outsider Art Week. In a special awards ceremony the museum will honor fair organizer Sanford Smith with the Contemporary Center’s Visionary Award, which recognizes major contributions to the world of outsider and folk art each year.

Highlights include:

Galerie Bonheur (St. Louis,MO ) will feature colorful works by the late Bahamian artist, Amos Ferguson (c.1920–2009) including Bird Bath.
Henry Boxer Gallery (England) returns to the fair highlighting works by the self-taught savant and calendar calculating whiz, George Widener of North Carolina.

Fountain Gallery (New York), the not-for-profit cooperative run by and for artists living with mental illness, joins the Outsider Art Fair for the second year. Among the works in their booth will be Girl with Red Hat by Dick Lubinsky.

Gilley’s Gallery (Baton Rouge, LA), specialists in Louisiana artists, will include in their booth paintings by Clementine Hunter (1886-1988).

Marion Harris (New York) introduces Carlos DeMedeiros. After living as a monk in Bolivia for 15 years, DeMedeiros left the monastery with his personal religious ideas in conflict with the one he felt obliged to follow. From this ambivalence, he creates small-scale confessionals accompanied by confessions in sealed envelopes.

Just Folk (Summerland, CA), newcomers to the fair, is pleased to bring a collection of 28 works by Bill Traylor (c.1854-1949). This is one of the largest groups available and has not been seen in the U.S. for more than ten years.

Outsider Folk Art Gallery (Reading, PA) will feature recent mixed media construc tions by Thorton Dial (b.1928) as well as rare 1970s paintings by Purvis Young (b.1943), with works by emerging artists such as Jim Bloom (b.1968).

Ricco/Maresca (New York) representing both the William Hawkins and the Martin Ramirez estates will bring fine examples from both, including Hawkins’s Historical Monument.

Luise Ross Gallery (New York), among a fine selection of drawings by Minnie Evans and by Violetta Raditz, will feature for the first time at the Outsider Art Fair metal collages from Colorcoat by the Icelandic Óskar Jónsson (1922–1997).

Judy Saslow Gallery (Chicago) will bring rare pieces from the Oswald Tschirtner estate that have never been seen before.

Galerie St. Etienne (New York) continues a tradition of exhibiting self-taught greats including Grandma Moses, John Kane, and Morris Hirshfield. The booth will include the painting John Kane and his Wife circa 1928.

For more information visit   

Outsider Art Fair
February 5-7, 2010

Sanford L. Smith & Associates
7 W 34th Street
New York City


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