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Marvel Hero Weekend Hosted by Stan Lee -- April 27th - 29th

Stan LeeWhile the media anxiously waited for EPIX CEO & President Mark Greenberg to introduce Marvel Heroes creator Stan Lee, lunch was served in the Beverly Hills SLS Hotel outdoor courtyard. The two were previewing The Marvel Heroes Weekend being hosted by the legendary comic writer/editor Silver Age legend Lee taking place from on the premium digital media service from April 27 - 29, 2012.

Various Marvel Universe-based films will be screened throughout the weekend as a virtual film festival in anticipation of the upcoming release of Marvel's The Avengers.

Three weeks ago, the premium entertainment channel started an $8,000,000 media campaign in key markets such as LosAngeles, New York, Dallas and Houston. Greenberg said it was a key investment in order to get the word out about the EPIX projects coming up and all the additional content it is adding.

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EditFest NY 2011

ACE EditFest NY 2011 is taking place June 10 - 11, 2011 at Director’s Guild of America efn-logoTheater in New York City.

The East Coast version of ACE’s popular EditFest LA series, EditFest NY features panels and Q&A sessions with top film and TV editors. This is an ideal event for  professional editors, production executives, network and studio staff, fledgling assistants and content creators, and film enthusiasts. 

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Art.on.Wires Media Festival 2011

Art.on.Wires Media Festival 2011, the Festival for Media Arts and Digital Culture, is beingaow-icon held May 25 - 29, 2011 at Betong/Chateu Neuf in Oslo, Norway. The Festival creates an annual forum for interdisciplinary exploration of future electronic arts and modern lifestyle.

The Art.on.Wires Festival is an open laboratory, meeting point and hacker space for artists, designers, creative media professionals, multimedia researchers, engineers, and Do-it-Yourself enthusiasts.

Under the title make : create : invent : recycle : explore, the Festival promotes education, collaboration, sharing and making of interactive and electronic art. There is direct dissemination of latest developments from Multimedia IT research to the public, as well as tutorials from leading artists and researchers, interactive installations and live performances.

Highlights include:

  • 4 central themes: interaction, sound, visuals, and hardware hacking
  • 13 high-class tutorials
  • 3 evenings with live performances and DJs
  • more than 30 world-class artists and researchers
  • keynotes and presentations
  • interactive arts installations
  • a media and hardware hacker lab

Attendees include professional artists, designers, architects, musicians, researchers, students and open-minded visitors joining a vivid and diverse group of experimenters to share, create, learn, play and be inspired by arts, science and technology.

Tutorials include:

The Hitch Hikers Guiaow-DKIAde To Circuit Bending and Junkbot – This workshop shows how to make simple beginner junk devices. Attendees will learn how to build and modify gadgets and how to turn them from plain nuisance to a tool of glitchy, noisy, speedy awesomeness. All one needs is "the willingness to make mistakes, repeatedly pop batteries in and out in order to reset things after crashing the processor, and a desire to make cool new stuff."

Swarm Cube – The Swarm Cube is a kinetic light sculpture consisting of 64 dual color LEDs organized as a 4x4x4 pixel matrix. A single Swarm Cube can be controlled by a computer attached to its Mini-USB port. The cube also contains an embedded Arduino compatible microcontroller and a rechargeable battery which allow the cube to run independently of a host computer.

Ableton Live – Learn how to use and create interactive cross-media environments for performances and installations. Get to know the basics of interactive systems, multimedia programming tools and foundations of dance and movement. The workshop is addressed to artists and engineers with different background and skill level who like to explore and dig into new fields.

glMixer - A New Tool for Live Video Mixing – The author of GLMixer, a software for live video mixing, will present the philosophy and the features of this original tool designed for video artists and VJs. GLMixer is an open source project and can be downloaded freely on Google. GLMixer performs in real time the graphical blending of several movie clips (video mixing), a hybrid between image processing and video editing, but with a logic close to audio mixing. Typically, a set of video samples is loaded, and then one decides on the fly how much they should be visible and which effects to apply as the images are arranged in the screen.

Shaders for Advanced Graphical Rendering in OpenFrameworksShaders are small programs that run on a graphic board (and not on the main processing unit) and allow for very efficient and powerful graphic programing. Attendees will learn how shaders can be used for various graphical renderings such as live image processing (posterization, contour detection, blur, colorization), mesh deformation (warping, waves, ripples), large data set visualization, or immersive animated environments.aow-Vvvv

VVVV - An introduction into the Multipurpose Toolkit  – vvvv is a versatile node-based programming interface suited for generative graphics, experimental animation, integration of sound and media, as well as full fledged media environments and interactive installations. The aim of the tutorial is to enable all participants to create their own audio reactive animation.

Presenters at the festival are internationally renowned researchers and artists, including

  • Christian Jaquemin, Keynote Speaker – Lights and Shadows on some Art-Sci Collaborations
  • Nick Collins
  • Brock Craft 
  • Lisa Wymore
  • DKIA

Audio-visual live performances will be presented by Lars Graugaard, Jacob Korn, Jason Geistweidt, Nick Collins and Dubstep and Skweee, among others.

Other tutorials are:

Networked Dance: Collage Study #1 – Where Here Meets There
Lisa Wymore, UC Berkeley and Liv Hanne Haugen, Norway
Fri, 27 May 14-17

Interactive Network Music Performance Tutorial
Alain Renaud, UK and Alexander Carot, Germany
Sat, 28 May 14-17

Kinect Tutorial
Lars Graugaard, Dan Overholt and Aalborg University Art+Technology Students
Sun, 29 May 10-13

The Art.on.Wires Festival is organized in conjunction with the NIME’2011 conference, a renowned international venue dedicated to scientific research on new technologies for musical expression and artistic performance with a broad international audience.

For more information, go to

Art.on.Wires Media Festival 2011
25 - 29, 2011

Betong Club, Chateu Neuf
Slemdalsveien 15
0369 Oslo

European Media Art Festival 2011

The 24th European Media Art Festival (EMAF) is being held April 27 - May 1, 2011 in emf-posterOsnabrück, Germany, the place for experimental Media Art, witth the Exhibition, Planet M, on display through May 29.

The EMAF in Osnabrück is one of the most important forums of international Media Art, an open laboratory for creative and artistic experiments that help shape media and aesthetics.

The Festival is comprised of 170 short and feature-length films in 25 film programs, 29 art exhibit installations, 9 lectures, 8 workshops, 7 performances, two parties and a Media Art Garden at 13 different locations in Osnabrück.

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