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Actor Stanley Tucci Learns a Thing of Two About Olive Oil Thanks to The Petroni Way


When actor Stanley Tucci came to visit the Petroni family olive groves in Puglia to film a segment for CNN’s “Searching For Italy,” he was trying discover the authentic Italian olive oil experience. Tucci loves food and now lives in London with his wife Felicity Blunt — sister of his Devil Wears Prada co-star Emily Blunt. The couple met thanks to Emily and were married in 2012 with Tucci continuing to act, write and follow his love of food and cooking.

His latest project — the CNN produced series “Searching for Italy” — received two Emmy noms and was also screened by the BBC. First aired in 2021, The program was so successful it was renewed for another season. The actor and gourmand tours Italy discovering the secrets and delights of the country’s regional cuisines.

The Petroni family patriarch expected to meet an experienced pro when it came to Italian products. Especially since he is Italian, they thought, at least, he would know a few things about Italian food, in particular, olive oil. Petroni had invited Tucci to the family farm’s olive groves that day while he visited Puglia, Italy, during a taping of “Searching for Italy.”

During the visit, revealed Agricola Petroni family owner Pier Francesco Petroni, they learned a few things about Tucci. “Stanley didn’t know the correct way to taste olive oil. In fact, most people don’t know. But we showed him how. And he loved it.”

petroniLOnce the noted actor learned the “right way” to taste olive oil, it not only changed him, it changed the Petroni family business forever and has created a sensation here in the States.

Says Pier, “Our sales have more than tripled to the U.S. And this is just from orders through our website. We are looking for an importer/distributor to take us on for all of the American market.”

Tucci isn’t the only American who doesn’t know much about olive oil. According to Petroni, while Americans love Italian food, most of us are totally doing olive oil all wrong – especially the extra virgin variety. According the taste master, “Americans burn it, drench with it, and (gasp!) Deep fry stuff in it.”

Surveys have also shown Americans have a very low OOIQ (Olive Oil IQ). Olive oil is becoming such an important and essential product for people’s good health, the FDA recently declared it as a medicinal product that can help prevent coronary heart disease. It’s not an ordinary condiment. the FDA officially recognized extra-virgin olive oil benefits us.

The featured olive oil, some of which is born from 300-year-old trees, is considered some of the best in Italy. Petroni olive trees are located at the foot of the Alta Murgia National Park in Puglia, between 150 and 300 meters above sea level and the temperate climate makes their cultivation perfect. In this wonderfully rich land, each olive tree has its roots in a calcareous soul consisting of the typical tuff, a rock of magmatic origin that gives the oils produced intoxicating aromas and superfine flavors.

Adds Petroni, “We have over one thousand years of history. Our territory is Canosa di Puglia and it has charm and it has so many ancient customs. It contains ancient traces of so much history. The underground treasures of what is known as The Dauni hypogea, fragments of the world of Magna Graecia and it shows just how powerful and far reaching the power of Rome was. In fact, the Romans were so grateful to have these places they renamed it ‘Little Rome.’ Inside this ancient city there are numerous archaeological sites to visit including the hypogea and authentic ceramics that reveal the Hellenistic culture.”

Agricola Petroni does olive oil tastings at their Puglia facility. Should you decide to visit, call or email in advance and schedule a visit.

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