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On The Park City Trail... Sundance 2010 and more: Jan. 21

A blizzard at a ski resort shouldn't surprise anyone, much less me, but there it was right outside the window — damn! This weather dominated the rest of the day. It was easy getting the Sundance credentials this year, which was nice. However, finding an electric plug in this digital age was a lot harder; they moved the café to a place where there isn’t any, so getting a cup of coffee and blogging has gotten a lot harder. 

At a distance, Robert Redford at the opening press conferenceAfter leaving the Festival headquarters at the Marriott, it was off to Main Street to get my creds at Slamdance, which has always been a pleasure. I thought that more would be going on today, but most of the events are scheduled for tomorrow so I decided to head downhill and nearly broke my neck in the slush about two dozen times.

Nothing was open.

That wasn't exactly true, but the various things that were festival-related were in the processes of construction, and people said that they would be ready by tomorrow morning 10 a.m. Perhaps that’s the case, but it's still a disappointment.

The snow kept on coming down, I couldn’t find a bus, and the only plug which fit my computer at the hotel was in use, so I headed back to Main Street for the free lunch.

The New Frontiers exhibit hall never has great art, but they have good food, and the buffet was excellent. This was the place where the press gets to see how many people are actually going to show up on time. Robert Redford and Festival Director John Cooper were having the annual press conference at the Egyptian Theater across the street.

The place was packed. The highlight of the show was Redford’s discussion of a film on notorious paparazzo Ron Gallella, who victimized Redford on a number of occasions back in the day. He and Cooper also fielded questions on some of the more controversial films, such as one on the Mormons and the gay marriage proposition in California a year ago. Cooper’s a Mormon, and he said that it was the quality of the film that counted and the festival had no opinion on the matter.

There are no press screenings today, but there are a few public ones, so now I’ll head off to see if I could get on the waiting list for one. Its not as easy as one might think….

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