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On The Park City Trail... Sundance 2010 and more: Jan. 27

Half way through the festival and I’m already bushed. I went to six screenings yesterday, and my mind is already turning to mush. Most of the day was spent at the Holiday Multiplex, where I saw a screening, immediately went back on line and then took in another screening. I think my prostate is allergic to all this and… But I'd better not to go into that.

The Park City transit system is getting the better of me, too. I know that I’ve been focusing on the fact that the buses tend to change routes without notice, but I was listening to other people bitching about the same thing and it’s really nice to know that it’s not just me being paranoid.

The schedule is pretty much the same. Go to the headquarters, then get back to the main venue, get on line, see the film, get back on line, get a seat, grab some grub, then finish another film, and repeat until your brain implodes.

Today was slightly different.

When going to public screenings, there are two ways of getting in: the first is go two hours early and get on a wait-list line, and the second is to go at the last minute and see if there are seats left. I tried the latter twice today, and lucked out. This changed my schedule quite a bit, which is okay.

With only a couple of press screenings left tomorrow, I’m going to be spending more time on the bus than I expected.

The press screenings end tomorrow, which means that I won’t be spending as much time at the Holiday as I have been. I haven’t been to most of the other venues, and I had no idea that the Prospector Square Theater, which is somewhere around Prospector Square, had seating next to the concession stand. This is important! Park City is small in population, but very spread out; it takes forever to get from one place to another, which means lots of time is wasted.

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