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New York Comic Book Landmark Closes Doors

MOCCAThe Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA) since 2001 has been bringing great minds from the world of comics and animation to speak to the public and has exhibitted some truly amazing art from the likes of Neal Adams, Paul Pope, Frank Miller, Will Eisner, Dan DeCarlo, and many more.

Besides events and exhibitions that has taken place at the museum itself it has hosted an indie comic con that has introduced fans to the finest from the indie circuit. 

The SoHo museum space, located at 594 Broadway had only just celebrated its 10th anniversary, when tragic news emerged.

MoCCA Manager Jack Walsh put out a press release on July 9, 2012 stating that MoCCA “will be closing its physical location effective immediately.“  Walsh also stated that there would be an announcement about a new incarnation of MoCCA at the end of July and that the MoCCA Festival will have a “reincarnation.”

I have some fond memories of the SoHo museum, like seeing Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer, creators of the Adult Swim series The Venture Brothers, do a talk on their love of old (crappy) cartoons. Another time Todd McFarlane spoke at MoCCA at an overview of his career and waxed nostalgic at how editors at Marvel described the way he drew Spider-Man’s webs as looking like spaghetti.  And MoCCA Fest has quickly endeared itself to me as one of the top comic events of the year for the way it deftly marries people from the world of mainstream comics, indie, and webcomics.

Here’s hoping that even though the museum is closing, that MoCCA may still have a better loving future in store for it.

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