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Rockers Patti Smith and Neil Young Dish It Out at BEA 2012

patti-neil-by-bbAt Book Expo America 2012, music legends Patti Smith and Neil Young sat down in front of a packed house to discuss Neil's new book, Waging Heavy Peace (Blue Rider Press) and Neil's new album, Americana. What follows is a touching, funny, and thought provoking discussion on life, music, the 1960's, trains, and the spirit of song writing.

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Cinefantastique's New York Comic Con 2011: Batman: Arkham City (Video)


The lunatics have taken over the Gotham, and fans of the Dark Knight are all asking, “Why didn’t this happen sooner?” Their patience has been paid off in BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY, a new video game that takes the mayhem first encountered in BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM and spreads it out into Gotham City proper, to considerable praise (and probably some orgasmic moans) from gameplayers everywhere. We got a few minutes with a representative from game designer Rocksteady Studios to find out what motivated the new game’s broader canvas, and explore what happens when chaos reigns in the Caped Crusader’s home turf (as if it doesn’t always).

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Cinefantastique's New York Comic Con 2011: Attack the Block's Joe Cornish


Attack the Block (2011)You gotta love an alien invasion film where the aliens make the serious mistake of trying to invade some council estates (read, “projects”) in London and discover that the street-tough kids there are not going to yield the territory without racking up a body count. That’s the idea behind ATTACK THE BLOCK, Joe Cornish’s directorial debut that was exec produced by SHAUN OF THE DEAD’s Edgar Wright. It’s neatly pulled off with a surprising bit of depth, and worth checking out when it’s released on homevid on October 25th.

So a bunch of us were gathered in a room in New York Comic Con’s press warren, and got to throw questions indiscriminately (but incisively) at Joe. I managed to capture the session for this podcast.


Cinefantastique's New York Comic Con 2011: Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Ashley Eckstein (Video)


DC, Marvel, Dark Horse all claimed significant shares of turf at this year’s New York Comic Con, but only STAR WARS staked out its own universe, incorporating numerous vendors within the confines of its expansive area (including Hallmark, for all your limited-edition Xmas ornament needs).

And there in the midst of it was Ashley Eckstein — a.k.a. Ahsoka Tano of STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS — greeting fans and promoting Her Universe, her own clothing line designed to appeal to the geek girl in all of us (but mostly in geek girls). We got a few minutes to talk to her, check out the garments, and ponder some universal truths in the war of geekish sexes.


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