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February '18 Digital Week II

Blu-rays of the Week 

Orchestra Rehearsal

(Arrow Academy)

Made for Italian television in 1978, Federico Fellini’s faux-documentary satirizes Italian politics with a contagious zest, even if it’s occasionally too on the nose as it shows an orchestra rehearsal that degenerates into in-fighting among musicians, the conductor’s dictatorial behavior, lunatic union demands and climaxing with a wrecking ball. Obvious and didactic at times, it’s magically Fellinian at others, with the great Nina Rota’s beguiling final score (he died soon after composing it).

At 72 minutes, the film ends before it wears out its welcome, unlike some of the other later Fellini works. It all looks spectacular in a restored hi-def transfer; extras are a Richard Dyer interview about Rota’s and Fellini’s relationship and Fellini biographer John Baxter’s video essay.


The Aftermath


In this relentlessly second-rate post-apocalyptic adventure, cowriter-director Steve Barkett plays an astronaut who crash-lands on earth only to discover there’s been a nuclear war and Los Angeles has been destroyed—all that’s left are ragtag bands of mutant survivors.

Acting, writing, directing and plotting are amateurish, but B movie fans might find enough of interest to make it  a true guilty pleasure. The film looks decent on Blu; extras include Barkett’s commentary and short film Night Caller, along with interviews.


The Deuce—Complete 1st Season 


Everything about this deep dive into the sordid world of prostitution and pornography in early ‘70s New York City is impeccably mounted, from the sets and costumes to the lingo and seedy Times Square atmosphere. But the converging stories are written and handled without much adroitness, and the acting is surprisingly uneven.

Maggie Gyllenhaal does what she can with the whore (and later porn director) with the heart of gold and James Franco makes a hash of the twins he plays; even the appealing and gifted Margarita Levieva—who’s definitely an actress to watch—is defeated by the underwritten role of a smart college student mixed up with shady characters. The series’ eight episodes look splendid in hi-def; extras include commentaries and interviews.


DVD of the Week

Finding Your Roots—Complete 4th Season


For the latest 10-episode season of discovering celebrities’ lineages, Dr. Henry Louis Gates takes 28 guests—running the gamut from Bryant Gumbel and Lupita Nyong’o to Christopher Walken and Ana Navarro—on a highly emotional journey into their families’ pasts, which chronicles our nation’s long and checkered immigration history.

There are even some lighter moments in this fascinating glimpse at American identity: the look on Amy Schumer’s face (and her response) when she finds out that she and Gates are distant cousins is priceless. 

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