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Animal Planet's "The Vet Life" Returns

 Texas-based veterinarians Dr. Diarra Blue, Dr. Aubrey Ross and Dr. Michael Lavigne have a flourishing practice and because of their shared passion and love of animals —big and small—they are eager to continue serving their loyal clientele including loving family cats and dogs as well as farm animals and rare exotics. In between offering the best medical treatment to their patients, the Doctors must simultaneously balance their personal lives with wives and kids– all while supporting one another along the way. The third season of “The Vet Life” continues to give a glimpse into these very special doctors lives. Highlights from this season include Cy-Fair Animal Hospital reopening after being closed for multiple days due to Hurricane Harvey.  Dr. Blue trip to a Vegan cattle ranch to stop an unexpected cow baby boom.  Dr. Ross solution to dealing with mischievous ferrets with a skin condition, and Dr. Lavigne knee surgery on an old English bulldog that was rescued from a puppy mill.

When asked the busy doctors to give some needed advice on how to better care for pets in our own family Dr. Diarra Blue, Dr. Aubrey Ross and Dr. Michael Lavigne
offered this:

  •  Preventative medicine is paramount to longer, healthier lives. Bring your pets in for regular exams bi-annually in order to prevent or catch disease processes early.
  • Obesity and dental disease are the 2 most common diseases overlooked in dogs and cat. Develop a great relationship with your vet to discuss how to prevent these relatively easy conditions.
  • Yearly blood work to evaluate the internal organs and other conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disease etc.  Just because a patient appears to be healthy externally it could be a storm brewing internally.

“The Vet Life” is produced for Animal Planet by Glass Entertainment Group with Argle Bargle Films. For Glass Entertainment Group, Nancy Glass is the executive producer. For Argle Bargle Films, Shannon Biggs and Jairus Cobb are executive producers. For Animal Planet, Keith Hoffman is executive producer and Sarah Russell is the producer.


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