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SeriesFest Goes Virtual

SeriesFest, the non-profit organization dedicated to supporting underserved voices in episodic storytelling, is joining the list of festivals pivoting to a streaming format. Launching April 15, SeriesFest will host industry creatives through virtual writers rooms, creator hangouts, network watch parties and online Pitch-A-Thons. 

The main festival, scheduled for June 18 to the 24th, will happen as scheduled, but online, with streamed screenings followed by extended Q&As with talent and creators of TV favorites and premiere content on YouTube. These events bring exclusive access to fans while also celebrating the rich history of episodic storytelling.  

SeriesFEst will also have ongoing watch parties for viewers to participate in, which include live Q&As. Watch parties scheduled include:

  • April 15- One Tree Hill, Q&A with James Lafferty and Stephen Colletti

  • April 29 - New Amsterdam, Q&A with Ryan Eggold

  • April Date TBA - Disjointed, Q&A with Betsy Sodaro

Launching April 16, a series of virtual roundtable conversations surrounding all things indie episodic will be hosted by SeriesFest alumni. Available to stream on YouTube, two to five creators will host hour long conversations around indie topics including Female Filmmakers, Sparking Creativity, The Art of the Pitch, Creating The Season One Arc, International Independent Content, Benefits and Challenges of Online Release. The Art of the Pitch will be hosted by Emil Pinnock and Ian Robertson, the team behind SeriesFest: Season 3’s award-winning pilot, Up North. Pinnock and Robertson will lead the interactive workshop on what they've found are the three most important areas to prepare for - the people, the package and the pitch.

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