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SHOWWX™ Film Festival at Sundance

The SHOWWX™ Film Festival at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, A Mobile Program of Films, Documentaries, Shorts, and Animated Shorts screening on multiple unique surfaces using Microvision’s SHOWWX™ Laser Pico Projector for Mobile Devices, is screening January 22–23 at The Sidecar Bar, 333 Main Street, 2nd Level in the Main Street Mall.

The SHOWWX™ Film Festival at The 2010 Sundance Film Festival, a creative collaboration between cloudzero, a San Francisco–based transmedia company and Microvision Inc., the Redmond, Washington–based pioneer in innovative ultra-mini projection technology whose CES 2010 Innovations Honoree–winning SHOWWX™ laser pico projector for mobile devices projects DVD-quality images up to 200 inches onto any surface. The SHOWWX™ Film Festival matches Microvision's revolutionary device with expertly curated content chosen by seasoned programming director Shade Rupe.

The SHOWWX™ Film Festival boasts three unique screening stations:

an Ice Theater with films projected onto an ice-screen sculpture;

the Sistine Chapel Lie-in Theater where rugs and pillows are arranged on the floor so that the audience can watch films on the ceiling;

the BYOMS AKA Bring Your Own Multiplex Screen! station, where cloudzero will demonstrate how the movie screen is evolving into a platform of creative DIY possibilities including a "hard-boiled egg screen."

The self-focusing SHOWWX™ can project onto any surface, including an egg, without losing any of its sharp DVD-quality resolution.

A special prize will be awarded to the audience member who comes up with the most original “spontaneous screen” for the SHOWWX™ laser pico projector. The audience will vote for the best screen creation.

“The SHOWWX Film Festival 2010 is where visionary micro-imaging technology meets cutting-edge independent filmmaking,” says Alexander Besher, CEO, and partner with filmmaker Maria Karpoukhina, of cloudzero. “We’re in the early days of a new era when it’s possible for anyone to curate their own film festival, anywhere. You can have your films screened on a coconut or on the side of a volcano. ‘You are the Film Fest’ is one of our credos. ‘Stream your dream’ is another. We're excited to partner with Microvision on this road to new forms of filmmaking."

The SHOWWX™ Film Festival Highlights:

The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle (US, 2009). A breathtaking blend of comedy, thriller, horror, and romance, this mind blower was written and directed by David Russo. After he loses his high-paying job, Dory takes a gig as a night janitor in order to pay rent. Alone late at night inside a market research firm, he soon discovers the company is experimenting on their entire staff of janitors including him.

Katie Turinski’s incredibly funny and fiery Sissyboy (US, 2009), a documentary about the outrageous lives of twelve “in your face” yet deeply sensitive drag queens.

The unbelievably talented Floria Sigismondi celebrates her Sundance feature debut The Runaways featuring Kristen Stewart (Twilight), with her personal short film Postmortem Bliss.
The SHOWWX™ FILM FESTIVAL delivers unique visual mindbursts such as iconic British bad boy Ken Russell's (The Who’s Tommy, Altered States) Boudica Bites Back (UK, 2007), a cine-opera retelling of the legend of Boudica, warrior queen, played by Ken’s wife Elize Russell.

The astonishingly beautiful Delphinium (US, 2009) by Matthew Mishory, a lyrical coming-of-age portrait of famed director Derek Jarman’s artistic, sexual, and political awakening in post-War England.

A Panel Discussion is held Friday, January 22  at 2:30 pm.
Where is the Future of Film Going -- And Who’s Going to Direct?


Alexander Tokman, CEO & President, Microvision, Inc.
Lance Weiler, (The Last Broadcast, Head Trauma, HiM), Chief Story Architect of Seize the Media
Scilla Andreen, CEO and cofounder of
Srini Vasan, Founder & CEO, iDIstribute whose flagship product is Gigaplex, an iPhone app and content distribution platform for streaming movies
Shade Rupe, Director of Acquisitions and Festivals for cloudzero
Alexander Besher and Maria Karpoukhina, Cofounders of cloudzero
For more information, visit  

The SHOWWX™ Film Festival
January 22–23, 2010

The Sidecar Bar
333 Main Street

2nd Level in the Main Street Mall.

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