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Aliens, Romance, & Thrills at the 2022 NY Asian Film Festival

Angry Son, Photo: © LesPros entertainment

Kaiju, drama, horror, romance, and more are in store for you at the 2022 New York Asian Film Festival. Running July 15 to the 31st at venues across NYC, the NYAFF is committed to increasing exposure of Asian representation on screen and providing opportunities for audiences of all communities to experience the diversity and brilliance of Asian and Asian American cinema. New films from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and throughout South East Asia will delight, inspire and terrify audiences.

Films include the US premiere of Shin Ultraman, from director Shinji Higuchi and writer/producer Hideaki Anno, the duo behind Shin Godzilla, as they reinvent another classic icon of Japanese tokusatsu cinema. In the Hong Kong thriller Overheard, Sean Lau Ching Wan, Louis Koo and Daniel Wu star as high-tech criminal intelligence officers investigating a devious executive suspected of monumental insider trading. When two of the cops get wind of an extremely lucrative secret, they go turncoat and try to cash in. Their altruistic boss intervenes but it proves too late, corruption spins the once-straight path to justice into violent chaos, with devastating repercussions for all. The Japanese film Angry Son, follows Jungo, a gay, biracial high schooler who was raised by his feisty single mom, a Filipina bar hostess, Enduring rampant xenophobia, homophobia bullying, and parental abandonment Jungo finds sollace in his loving boyfriend. The closing film of the fest, Alienoid, is a Korean sci-fi fantasy romp where rogue aliens have been trapped as prisoners inside human brains for years and when they try to break free, a lone keeper of intergalactic peace known as “the guard” (Kim Woo-bin) opens a rift in time to prevent them from escaping. This is but a small sampling of the cinematic onslaught on display at NYAFF.

The festival will also feature masterclasses and talks from actors, producers, and directors such as Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge), Doris Yeung (founder of CinemAsia Film Festival in the Netherlands), Dennis Liu (creator of the Netflix series Raising Dion), and Josie Ho (Dream Home), among others.


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New York Asian Film Festival 2022
July 15 - 31, 2022

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