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Take a Trip To MoMa's Premiere Brazil Film Festival This July

Brazil occupies a special place in the popular imagination. Whether it's because of the exotic music, the colorful and kinetic fashions, or the enduring mystique of its sexually charged inhabitants, there's a fascination with South America's largest country that has surpassed its political or economic power globally.

Now that Brazil is achieving an economic parity with such countries as India and China as well as having its long-standing cultural presence, it becomes more and more valuable to get a sense of the country through its cinema. Over the last few years that has become easier and easier as several of its directors such as Walter Salles or Fernando Meirelles have become internationally recognized figures with award-winning films.

So even if you can't make it to Brazil, or afford a deep DVD collection, there are several events being held this summer that can critically enhance your knowledge of Brazil, its culture, and cinema -- with one in particular, The Museum of Modern Art's Premiere Brazil series, already underway.

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The Brooklyn International Film Festival Overview

Filmmaker Marco Ursino, who had moved from his native Urbino, Italy, back in the mid-1980s discovered that the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, which had moved into one of those beautiful temples of Mammon—a bank building that had been recently abandoned—was ripe for a new film festival set in Brooklyn.

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