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Open Roads—New Italian Cinema 2013

Director Marco Bellocchio
Open Roads — New Italian Cinema
June 6 - 12, 2013
You can’t fault the Film Society of Lincoln Center for bringing back Marco Bellocchio’s Dormant Beauty (which was first screened during Film Comment Selects in February 2013) as part of the latest edition of Open Roads — New Italian Cinema: this is an important, typically idiosyncratic film on a timely subject from a true cinematic master.

Read more: Open Roads—New Italian Cinema 2013

Animation First: New York’s French Animation Festival at the FIAF

The Red Turtle

Along with a lengthy history in comics and cinema, France also has a rich history in animation which is being celebrated at the FIAF (French Institute: Alliance Francaise). Held at Florence Gould Hall (55 East 59th St., NY, NY), and running February 2 - 4, 2018, the Animation First: New York’s French Animation Festival features award-winning films, shorts, virtual reality, interactive workshops, panel discussions and more.

From the press release:

“Special screenings and events for all ages put you in the front seat of 3D animation, works in process, interactive workshops on drawing and sound effects, gaming demonstrations, and panel discussions with leading artists and studio executives.’

On Saturday, the festival’s Guest of Honor, Michael Dudok de Wit, acclaimed director of The Red Turtle, will speak about the creation of the Oscar-nominated film from its beginnings in Japan at the celebrated Studio Ghibli through production in Angouleme, France.”

To learn more, go to:

Animation First: New York’s French Animation Festival
February 2 - 4, 2018

Florence Gould Hall at FIAF
55 East 59th St.
New York,  NY  10022

Ring in the New Year with Animation Nights New York & Free Cartoons!

Nothing is better than getting to see wild and strange works of animation. Except maybe getting to see wild and strange works of animation for FREE. Animation Nights New York is a series of free screenings featuring innovative new works of animation and virtual reality experiences from around the world. The upcoming 2018 New Years Pics on January 10, 2018 at 8PM at the WeWork Dumbo Heights (81 Prospect St, Brooklyn, NY) runs approximately 80 minutes and will screen 20 short films:

Films being screened include:

  • Euphoria. Amélie Tourangeau. Canada

  • One Small Step. Phoebe Hart. Australia

  • Sofaholic. Nicolás Petelski. Spain

  • Framed. Marco Jemolo. Italy

  • Corner. Lucija Mrzljak. Estonia

  • Skate. Diane Shaher. Canada

  • Panic Point. Franco Dadone. Argentina

  • Fly. Parinya Gavinlertwatthana. Thailand

  • Impressions of Life. Ehsan Masoom. Iran, Islamic Republic of

  • There’s Too Many of these Crows. Morgan Miller. United States

  • Glorious Victory. Will Kim. United States

  • Bán. Catherine O’Brien. Ireland

  • Sage Francis - Make Em Purr. Wasaru. France

  • Chika, the Dog in the Ghetto. Sandra Schiebl. Germany

  • Élan Vital. Helen Kwok. United States

  • Everywhere, Somewhere, With Love. Luiko Sasaki. United States

  • Slowville. Alex Meunier. Canada

  • The Octopus Lady. Amanda Wang Ziyan. Singapore

  • Spoon. Yikun Wang. Japan

  • James - Dear John. Péter Vácz. Hungary

To learn more, go to:

Animation Nights New York New Years Pics
8 PM, January 10, 2018

WeWork Dumbo Heights
81 Prospect St.
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Please RSVP. Space is limited!


62 Films at Lincoln Center as Part of Emotion Pictures: International Melodrama

Letter from an Unknown Woman

From December 13th to January 7th, the Film Society of Lincoln Center will be presenting Emotion Pictures: International Melodrama, an impressive 62-film tribute to that misappreciated but glorious genre. Some of the important directors whose work will be screened in 35mm prints include D.W. Griffith, Victor Sjöström, Charlie Chaplin, King Vidor, F.W. Murnau, Kenji Mizoguchi, Mikio Naruse, Leo McCarey, George Cukor, Douglas Sirk, Vincente Minnelli, Nicholas Ray, Federico Fellini, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, and Arturo Ripstein, alongside especially rare titles by Raffaello Matarazzo, Hugo del Carril, and Kim Ki-young.

One of the greatest works in the series—and one of the finest Hollywood films of the 1940s—is Letter from an Unknown Woman, directed by Max Ophüls, the story of an adolescent girl’s tragic love for a famous pianist. The outstanding screenplay was adapted by Howard Koch and Ophüls from the eponymous novella by Stefan Zweig (which was previously filmed in 1933—as Only Yesterday—by the neglected master, John M. Stahl, and which is also showing in this series in a 35mm print). Gloriously photographed in sumptuous monochrome by the extraordinary Franz Planer, the film features less elaborately choreographed long takes—in accord with studio system norms—than in the director’s celebrated European pictures. The lovely Joan Fontaine gives a magnificent performance in the lead role and the dashing Louis Jourdan is perfectly cast as the charming but ultimately pathetic object of her affections.Letter from an Unknown Womanwill be twice projected onto the impressive screen at the Walter Reade Theater in an exquisite, restored 35mm print from the UCLA Archive on December 16th and 26th.

Another terrific film in the series is the dazzling, immensely moving The Cranes Are Flying from 1957—by the underappreciated Mikhail Kalatozov—another doomed romance, set in the Soviet Union and beginning on the eve of World War II. The astonishing long takes here—and elsewhere in the director’s œuvre—are even more technically remarkable than those in Ophüls, but Kalatozov’s style is just as marked by his reliance on the wide-angle lens and his unorthodox camera-placement. The luminous Tatiana Samoilova—who also starred in the director’s stunning The Letter Never Sent of 1959—is unforgettable as the suffering protagonist. A good 35mm print of The Cranes Are Flying from Janus Films screens twice at the Walter Reade Theater on December 17th and the 30th.

To learn more, go to:

Emotion Pictures: International Melodrama
December 13, 2017 – January 7, 2018

Walter Reade Theater
165 W 65th St.
New York, NY 10023

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