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Billy Taylor’s iPhone App – Jazz Piano 

Pianist, composer, educator, author, broadcaster and Jazz advocate Dr. Billy Taylor has released Jazz Piano, an iPhone App.

Taylor has always been on the cutting edge of using technology to reach existing and new listeners of jazz first on the radio, then television, on his website; on YouTube; and, now on the iPhone.

 Jazz Piano, is available for free download in the iTunes App store, features Billy’s music; a photo gallery; both performance and instructional videos; a biography; news; and, a fan wall, so that users can interact directly with the musician.

Bret Primack, who is working with Taylor to digitize his archives and post them online, developed the iPhone App. Primack believes that “it’s important for those of us who are involved with Jazz to utilize new media and each new technology platform to reach the global audience. So to tap into this growing audience of mostly younger people who embrace new technology, we must create programs, websites, videos, etc., and position them accordingly.”


Apple continues to innovate, and in the last decade, the company has become not only a leader in consumer electronics, but a potent music retailer with iTunes. For musicians, the major benefit of an iPhone App is the ability to preview and purchase music so easily. 

An App on the iPhone makes it really easy for Jazz listeners to preview and then purchase music because the buy links go directly to iTunes, and then the purchased music is downloaded directly to the iPod that lives within the iPhone.

To Download: Jazz Piano, Billy Taylor’s free iPhone App, go to:

For all things, Billy, please visit his website:

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