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Electric Friends Play Music From Your iPod and Gaze into Your Soul

electric friendsLike the unholy spawn of Teddy Ruxpin and Hello Kitty, it’s Electric Friends! Touted as the “perfect companions at home or on-the-go”, Electric Friends act as docks and speakers for iPods and iPhones, and they scare the crap out of me.

Now, usually, I’m pretty okay with toys. I don’t look at a doll and think Talking Tina or Chucky are gonna sneak up behind me and strangle me, and I keep a few toys from the Alien films on my desk, but something about these Electric Friends give me the heebbie jeebies in a way that H.R. Giger’s xenomorph, a Freudian nightmare from beyond the stars, doesn't.

Something about their wide-eyed vacant stare and their posture that looks as if they’re getting up off the ground conjures an image in my head of that scene in Dawn of the Dead when Roger rises out of his bed after becoming a zombie. Though unlike a re-animated corpse, the Electric Friend comes with “3.5mm stereo auxiliary input to connect other audio devices” and “Touch controls located on the ears adjust volume level,” according to the press release.

You can find Electric Friends at retailers like Staples and JR, but don’t come crying to me if they pop up in your nightmares too.

You can learn more about them at 

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