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Hands on E3: The Gunstringer

The Gunstringer for the Microsoft Kinect created by Twisted Pixel showePlaying The Gunstringer at E3d their game off at the Microsoft booth at this year’s E3 convention.  We were able to play the demo on the convention floor and first impressions were good.  The Gunstringer is the first Kinect game to have "sitting support" which means the player is able to be seated during gameplay even though it’s a Kinect game. 

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Hands On E3: The House of the Dead Overkill Extended Cut in 3D

House of the Dead Overkill Extended Cut is getting new lifeHouse of the Dead 3D on the E3 show floor. with the Sony PlayStation Move system for the PlayStation 3. Now in digital 3D, players can shoot all the zombies they want in this classic shooter published by Sega. 

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Konami Pre-E3 Press Conference Announcements


Konami is striking first with its own Pre-E3 Press Conference streamed live over the Internet.  While their website initially crashed due to the high demand, followers were still able to catch the show via other sites like  

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Fish Tank - New Puzzle Game for the PSP

Fish Tank from iFun4All is a new puzzle game released for the PlayStation Minis service and available on the fish tank logoPlayStation Network for download on the PS3 as well.  Fish Tank is an arcade-style matching game where you match similar colored fish to gain points and upgrades.

The style is not your typical matching game and features side scrolling fish which require quick reactions to fully control the pieces.

The game plays very much like Puzzle Fighter tilt on its side. The goal is to organize fish by colors as they move from left to the right on the screen.  Groups of fish are collected by hitting the designated button which adds to the game's strategic value.

Saving up for multiple matches gains different combo multipliers which can be used later.  This gameplay style makes creating combos easier and less satisfying than in other similar games.  Also, with only five columns to work with the ability to create different  unique combos has been completely removed.

Fish Tank tries makes up for it by adding different action element to it like introducing different fish during play at any given time.  However, controlling the fish requires precise controls which the game lacks. Instead of being able to move fish into designated rows, Fish Tank uses a smoother style allowing the fish be moved anywhere on the screen.

The difficulty lies where the fish are placed is between two designated rows, allowing for the fish to not go into the correct position. A simple indicator would fix the issue, but a lack of one proves extremely exhausting.  The problem is extenuated by the ability of the  fish move at different speeds, and since the rightmost fish is always selected it’s not always clear which fish is being controlled.

For a price of $3.99, Fish Tank is hard to recommend to anyone.  The two gameplay modes add little to the value of the game. Overall, the core is bland and frustrating, wrapped in cheap presentation.

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