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Celebrate Flamenco at the Premiere of Festival Flamenco de Córdoba

Critically acclaimed flamenco guitarist, Rafael Rodríguez-Fernández -- known as Merengue de Córdoba -- heFlamencoads the premiere of Festival Flamenco de Córdoba at New York City’s Town Hall (123 W. 43rd St). His world-renowned Flamenco ensemble of award-winning dancers and musicians from Córdoba, Spain, is set to perform during a three-night series taking place June 10th - 12th, 2010, at 8 pm.

The series features breathtaking performances of key flamenco styles including fandangos, soleá, bulerías, alegrías, taranto, guajira and seguiriya.

Hailing from Córdoba, Merengue de Córdoba is the son of a guitarist and husband to a celebrated flamenco bailaora, Concha Calero. He also founded the Academia de Baile y Guitarra. One of the most experienced performers and flamenco guitar teachers, Rafael Rodríguez-Fernández has brought forth young talents such as Vicente Amigo, Paco Serrano and Jose Antonio Rodriguez to the world stage.

Merengue has been playing guitar around the world for more than 50 years and expresses the joy of flamenco guitar in a comprehensible way. He was the first artist from Córdoba to be awarded the guitar prize at the Córdoba National Flamenco Art Contest in 1968 and has worked with the National Ballet of Spain; he also received numerous honors and gold badges from flamenco clubs and more than a hundred silver plaques in recognition of his work.

Now, for the first time ever, Centerline Talent will debut Merengue de Córdoba in New York, along with an ensemble of his finest dancers including Antonio Alcazar (Premio Nacional "Vicente Escudero" Award), Victoria Placios (Premio Nacional "La Malena" Award), and his two award winning daughters, Desirée Rodriguez CaleroLa Merenguita” (Premio Nacional “Pilar López” Award), and Maria AngelesCoco Calero” -- winner of the Primer Premio De Baile Flamenco “La Estepona Flamenca”.

Guitarist Alberto Lucena, who began playing guitar at the age of 10 and received the Premio Nacional "Manolo de Huelva" award, will also share the Town Hall stage.

This three-night spectacular transmit the emotions and spirit of flamenco that New York has yet to experience.

Tickets raning in prices from $60-$35 are available for purchase directly at Town Hall and via Ticketmaster.

Fpr more info go to:

Festival Flamenco de Córdoba
June 10th - 12th, 2010

Town Hall
123 W. 43rd St.
New York 

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