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19th Ice Factory Fest Brings Daring New Theatre

apocalypseBecause it just wouldn’t be summer in New York City without some experimental theater, the New Ohio Theatre (154 Christopher Street) will be holding the 19th annual Ice Factory Festival (June 27 – Augest 4 2012). Based on the simple concept of six plays in six weeks, the Ice Factory Festival is a daring assembly of the theatre world’s emerging actors and writers. The plays being shown are a unique blend the bizarre, the hysterical, and the tragic, and culled from novelists and playwrights for a most unusual brand of theatre.

The six plays are:

  • Good Year For Hunters
    A queer horror play about a mysteriously orphaned brother and sister who fall in love with a closeted husband and wife in a world of fractured time and secrets.
  • Flying Snakes in 3D
    An epic fusion of sci-fi parody, the avant-garde, and brutally autobiographical elements, in which a young and broke theater company challenge themselves to the ultimate task in order to pack the houses: to successfully make a play that is better suited for film. What they come up with is “Flying Snakes in 3-D,”where mutant killer snakes are accidentally released from CIA-enlisted scientific headquarters under the setting of earth under attack, and violent, bloody chaos ensues.
  • The Pilo Family Circus
    Jamie never dreamed of running away to join the circus, but you just don’t say no to a headhunting troupe of exuberantly sadistic clowns. But in a centuries-old carnival and a nightmare world of acrobats, clowns, dwarves, freaks and fortunetellers, he may lose more than just his way. When the whiteface goes on, Jamie becomes JJ – the most vicious clown of all. And JJ wants Jamie dead. A darkly funny, gleefully macabre nightmare.
  • Miss Lilly Gets Boned
    Miss Lilly, a Sunday school teacher, has been waiting patiently for God to drop a man in her lap. When a new student – a young South African boy whose mother was killed by an elephant – disturbs the harmony of her classroom and his father disturbs the harmony of her heart, Miss Lilly is forced to re-examine her own sense of faith and self. A story of classroom hymns, the rumble of raging elephants and answered prayers.
  • The Apocalyptic Road Show With Your Hosts Gdjet And Lulu
    Join your hosts Gdjet and Lulu (and their mysterious musical companion) as they guide you through the coming apocalypse and bid a fond farewell to the late, great, damned and doomed human race. A fierce and ragged, comic and profane cabaret that slices down to the hidden reality of the way we live now. A little shot of courage in the face of a terrible truth.
  • The Girl of the Golden West
    Exploding onto the frontiers of uninhabited California, the only female in the entire Gold Rush town of Cloudy Mountain sets up her saloon. Mythologized in David Belasco’s grandiose 1911 novel and canonized as one of the great spaghetti westerns, a play-turned-novel-turned-Puccini-extravaganza is now a soulful new musical ode to the unexplored expanse of our nation’s forgotten periphery and the baffling potential of what might have been.

So come on down, take a seat, and see some of the strangest new trail blazers in theatre.

To learn more, go to

Ice Factory Festival
June 27 – August 4 2012

The New Ohio Theatre
154 Christopher Street
New York, NY 10014

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