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FringeNY 2012: Girls, Goys, and Theater

tail spinSpread across over 19 venues throughout New York during August, the New York International Fringe Festival (Fringe NYC) will feature programming from 187 theater troupes from across America.

Running from August 10 – 26, 2012, the New York Fringe Fest has helped spurred a phenonmenon of many Fringe fests springing up around the country and the world.

Established in 1997, the fest has been the sources for premieres of shows such as the Broadway-bound Urinetown, Dog Sees God, and the English language premiere of Tom Waits’ and William BurroughsThe Black Rider.

One of the most eagerly awaited shows of the festival, Tail! Spin!, stars the Daily Show’s Mo Rocca, SNL’s Rachel Dratch, and Smash’s Sean Duggan, and has already sold out its entire run. Tail! Is based on the real-life scandalous escapades of Mark Sanford, Anthony Weiner, Larry Craig, and Mark Foley.

Other shows that are quickly having their tickets snatched up include:

  • Naked & Crazy : True Stories from Meghan Gambling & Sascha Alexander
    From delusions, to overexposure, to stripper poles, accidental crime-busting and very vocal body parts, come take a long ride on this short bus of life's mysterious lessons.
  • Independents
    Strapped for cash, burnout crewmembers of an antique tallship become Revolutionary War re-enactors. Armed with a less-than-potent combination of Wikipedia and marijuana, they face disaster in this folk musical about friendship, adulthood, and whatever those three-cornered-hats are called.
  • I’m Sorry
    Cuban-Jewish girl with a superstitious mother and an eating disorder that can only be cured by Tina Turner. No wonder she’s sorry. A one woman play about dogs, finding purpose, and how a people-pleasing apologist became an animal-loving activist.
  • Shiksappeal : Getting the Chosen to Choose Me
    A good Irish-Catholic girl from Virginia fights her fetish for NYC's Chosen and fails - despite guidance from her Orthodox-Jewish friend, Gary. A heartfelt story about faith, friendship and family. It's hard to find a nice goy in the city.

Along with the wide selection of plays, Fringe includes various programs to bring people closer to the world of theater.

FringeU - Cultural Conversations is a series of panel discussions featuring the directors and creators of several shows at Fringe as they discuss issues like sexual identity, race, culture, and their relation with the world of performance art.

FringeJR is a series of performances geared towards families and children.

FringeHigh provides performances for teens and addresses subjects such as “coping with terminal illness and disability, navigating the urban drug war and incarceration, making sense of racial and sexual identities, and the power and plight of women, both modern and ancient.”, according to Fringe spokespeople.

FringeAl FRESCO is a series of free outdoor performances including the puppetry and Occupy Wall Street symbolist laden Jack and the Corporate Beanstalk.

FringeNY is one of the largest cultural events in New York city and has attracted over 75,000 attendees. This year’s festival continues to bring great theater to New York at affordable prices for all audiences.

To learn more, go to:

New York International Fringe Festival
August 10 – 26, 2012

Various Locations throughout Manhattan

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