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History, Love, & Strife at the 2024 1st Irish Festival

Embodying the tradition of Irish theatrical performance, the Origin Theatre 1st Irish Festival returns March 23 to April 28, 2024. Held at performance spaces across NYC, the 1st Irish Festival features fifteen new plays, ten of which are in competition, with productions from NYC and Ireland.1st Irish embodies the pain, the passion, and the hope of Irish and Irish American history.

The festival opens with The Informer by Larry Kirwan, a reimagining of the Liam O’Flaherty classic - set on the last day of the Irish Civil War. Peace and Love in Brooklyn is a new musical by Eamon O'Tuama that charts the journey of a young musician who searches for his "colorful rock n' roll roadie" father. Last Call For Babe Reilly by Marianne Driscoll presents a kind barfly with a precarious situation; how to get through the Pearly Gates after being struck by a bus, and it’s going to take a young girl with a Ouija to get through. King, by Pat Kinevane produced by Fishamble, is about Luther, a troubled lonely man living in Cork. While he prepares for a big night out as an Elvis impersonator he reflects on his past and dares to dream of the future, as the ups and downs of his life mirrors Ireland’s own history. 

The NY Irish Center in Long Island City features the New York premiere of Bumbled, a new play by the Boston-based Bernard McMullan and Colin Hamell, and starring Colin Hamell, which tells the story of a loveable (and busy) bee named Pascal.

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1st Irish Festival
March 23 - April 28, 2024

Various Venues in NYC

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