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Ole Henriksen "Empowers" Your Skin Care

It’s never too early to start a skincare regime. While 20-somethings still have dewy skin, everyday stress from work and personal life, in addition to environmental issues, are factors that contribute to dull and dehydrated skin and signs of aging.

ole2Millennial group don’t need retinols or heavy creams, yet the millennial woman wants products that are effective, easy, multi-tasking and preferably with natural ingredients. Ole Henriksen launches the Empower Collection – a daily skin care routine formulated with nature-based Scandinavian ingredients to address these needs and provide that “glow from within”.   Ole’s philosophy is “Nature, Science, Beauty, Wellness … A total lifestyle brand” and is reflected in this collection.  Many of the same ingredients from his regular line are reformulated to address specific needs that 20-somethings face.

The collection consists of the 3 main ingredients: Arctic Cloudberry (antioxidant-rich to fend off free radicals and fortify skin), Nordic Cotton (packed with Omega-6 for weightless hydration while calming and cushionig the skin), and White Willowbark (a gentle exfoliator).  Empower foaming milk cleanser ($26), Empower featherweight moisturizer  ($36), and Empower hydrating hand crème ($20) are currently available at Sephora.

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