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Places To Shop: Chicago for the DVD Hunter

Chicago is a city of neighborhoods, each with their own unique style and flavor. As a business traveler you may find yourself stuck in the Loop. Do yourself the favor of exploring everything the city has to offer. It is an experience you will never regret.

The DVD hunter is a unique breed of collector. It is all about the thrill of the hunt and the rush that comes with finding that ever-elusive film that was thought to be forever lost. As the most seasoned hunter knows you will not find the obscure gems in any of the franchise stores. If you are looking for good quality movies at a fair price, here is where you want to look:

Reckless Records
1532 N. Milwaukee
Reckless is known as a mecca for Chicago film and music addicts. With three locations scattered throughout the city every pop culture junkie should make a point of seeking out one of their stores. Established in 1986 the store has gained a large cult following in the city for its eclectic variety and unpretentious love of obscure pop culture. It is easy to get lost in the stacks. Hardcore DVD hunters should avoid the main aisles and head right for the bargain bins. Not only are there selections ultra-cheap but they also tend to hold the more obscure titles.

1517 W. Fullerton Ave.
Founded in 1975 is a non-profit national media arts organization. The company is a hub of indie and artistic film gathered from throughout the world. Not only is their catalog of films as large as most Russian classics their selection is phenomenal. All films are priced for either rental or sale depending on availability. Whether you are looking for a short film or an obscure foreign blockbuster you are sure to find it here. 
Video Schmideo
907 N. State
Located in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood Video Schmideo is just the spot for those that miss the golden age of Blockbuster. All merchandise is inexpensive and the staff is some of the best in Chicago.

Discus CD Exchange
2935 N. Broadway
Don’t let the rather dingy and unkempt exterior of this Lincoln Park establishment fool you, there is a treasure trove inside. Although rather small inside the CD Exchange is considered a hidden gem in the Lincoln Park community. Located just blocks from Reckless Records, the CD Exchange tends to carry more foreign titles at a far cheaper price.  The CD Exchange is a no frills establishment that is sure to satisfy any pop culture craving.


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