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NY Fashion Week Heralds Two Budget Grand Openings

image006If the whirlwind of NY Fashion Week didn't take the city's fashionistas by storm, 2 flagship grand openings might.

With the recent shuttering of Filene's Basement and Daffy's, where is a fashionista on a budget supposed to go? Well, look no further.  Those who live and visit NYC, now have two flagship grand openings, both of which are extremely wallet-friendly.

Burlington Coat Factory has now taken over the space of the closed up Filene's Basement in Union Square.  Union Square, once haven to NYU students, is now an agora of sorts with nation-wide retailers taking the area. From Nordstrom Off Rack to Forever 21 to Diesel, Union Square certainly caters to budget-conscious but ever-so fashion-conscious demographics.

The Burlington Coat Factory officially opens its flagship store on Sept. 21, 2012, sharing the same building space as DSW.  Spread out over the 3rd and 4th floor, with the gorgeous floor-to-ceiling view overlooking Union Square Park intact, the Burlington Coat Factory is the more organized version of Century 21. With jaw-dropping prices on designer brands (yes, you will find haute couture lines at amazing prices) without having to sift through the massive heap-pile that is so common to Century 21. 

Tourists make their pilgrimage to the Century 21 tourist-trap, however  those who don't have the time or patience will go the Burlington Coat Factory. Opening specials will include 20% discount and a number of special deals.

C. Wonder is a wonder indeed. Part homage to Lily Pulitzer, Tory Burch, J. Crew and Anthropologie, C. Wonder caters to all but at ever-so-friendly prices.  If you've ever wanted to look like you belong in the Hamptons, but unfortunately not privy to the lucky gene pool, C. Wonder is your stop.  Taking over the space of the former Esprit store (unfortunately whose North American stores closed earlier this year), C. Wonder's flagship store is at the indoor Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle

C. Wonder stores are the antithesis of the typical New Yorker dressed in black. It celebrates color rather than eschew it and is reflected in the decor as well as the clothes.  C. Wonder is the brainchild of Tory Burch's, ex-husband, J. Christopher Burch (they say that couples look alike as they get older. Does this apply to ex-spouses as well?), offering women's apparel, accessories and home decor - all in array of bright, cheery colors. 

C. Wonder officially opens on Sept. 22, 2012 with games and secret gift card prizes.

Chantelle Lingerie Fall/Winter Collection Sizzles

chantelleWhen we think of lingerie, we automatically think of the French.  Who but the French, from which the word lingerie comes from, can weave intricate and delicate pieces of lace, tulle and silk into works of art?   Since 1876, Chantelle Lingerie, with its expert craftsmanship, attention to detail and luxe sophistication, has been re-creating the refined beauty, timeless elegance and special je ne sais quoi that seem to be innate in French women, for all women.  Chantelle accommodates every figure, every body type from petite to voluptuous, in its collection of bras (band sizes from 30-44, A-H cups), panties, shapewear and a "chic boutique".

Who doesn't love the look and feel of fine lingerie especially when we need a little boost (no pun intended) to heighten our sensual, flirtatious or powerful side?   With fine lingerie as our accoutrement, we automatically feel beautiful, sexy and oh-so-feminine. We want to be that priceless treasure to be admired by someone special, so what could be more apropos than Chantelle's Fall/Winter 2012 collection with a color palette inspired by precious gemstones - Black Pearl, Grey Gold, Amber, and Ruby.

  • Black Pearl (Tahitian Black Pearl): Because of their rarity, Black Pearls is considered a highly valued treasure, while at the same time conjuring up exotic images of the South Pacific.

  • Amber: Is the lightest weight and softest of all gems.  With its glowing dark golden color, it brings warmth and sunshine to the skin. Throughout time, amber served as a symbol for fidelity and everlasting love, good luck and protection.

  • Ruby: Known as "the king of gems" to the ancients.  It also represents romance and devotion and to some, evokes fiery passion

  • Grey Gold: Is a composite of gold with silver, iron, and copper. Gold has always been been a highly-sought after precious metal throughout time. Gold symbolized wealth, luxury, power, strenght, and perfection.  

chantelle twoHosted by, Chantelle unveiled its latest collection in an intimate setting.  With Champagne in hand, guests had personal sessions with an expert Chantelle bra fitter (it's amazing how many of us are wearing the wrong size), while oohing & aahing at the delicate pieces which comes in a variety of styles.  Coordinating and interchangeable bra and panty sets allow women to show a little or a lot based on their mood.

Chantelle Lingerie is available worldwide at finer boutiques and department stores.

Amsterdam's Comic Book Stores


If you are on vacation in Amsterdam, while browsing the museums, taking in the beautiful architecture, shoving croquettes down your gullet and partaking in legalized debauchery, you might want to pause for a moment and think “I wonder what Daredevil is up to this week?”

Then take some time to see Amsterdam’s wonderful assortment of comic book stores, specifically, Henk’s, Gojoker, and Lambiek.

Read more: Amsterdam's Comic Book Stores

Go Green With The Ultimate Green Store

The Ultimate Green Store

Now is the time to save the earth by going green. Put more green into traveling with eco-friendly travel gears now selling at The Ultimate Green Store. Take an exciting adventure while helping the environment at the same time.

Saving the planet has become essential so natural, organic, and recycled versions of classic travel items are offered here including:

  • travel gear
  • backpacks
  • organic bedding
  • towels
  • furniture
  • reusable bottles
  • organic sunscreen
  • skincare 

The Ultimate Green Store has not only carries travel products but it also offers items for the home and office, as as well clothes for men and women and even pets!

Choose from numerous brands in the following product categories:

  • Home
  • Office
  • Baby
  • Kids
  • Teens+Dorms
  • Pets
  • Bath+Body
  • Clothing+Bags
  • Solar
  • Gifts

And while you are thinking about travel keep in mind that trains and buses are over five times more energy-efficient than traveling by car, and produce three to seven times fewer CO2 emissions than flying.

Check out the website for useful items now on sale:

Or call 1-800-983-8393.

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