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The Next New York Comic Con

The next New York Comic Con will take place October 8th through the 10th, 2010, at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City.  The show was launched in 2006 and was an immediate success, quickly becoming a dominant presence in the pop culture world of public events.  It has grown from a convention attracting 33,000 fans in its first year to one that will occupy the entire Javits Center and attract well over 75,000 fans in 2010. In 2009, 452 companies exhibited at NYCC for a total of 84,000 square feet of paid exhibit space, and it has been ranked by Crain's New York Business as the second-largest annual event in NYC.

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The Comic Con of All Comic Cons

It goes without saying that San Diego's Comic-con International isn't strictly a comic book convention. It was never supposed to have become the monster it has. Back in the old days, and that means Clinton’s first term as President and before, nobody thought about movies all that much. Oh, sure there was Trek and Wars and all that stuff, but most of the people were geeking out on Superman, the Fantastic Four and Fritz the Cat, not to mention that gourmet imported stuff from France and Japan. It was a convention; people would come to hang out and dress up in silly costumes, and oh, yeah, buy stuff.

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Comic Con Is A Monster

Okay, it’s officially a monster. 40 years ago, a bunch of kids decided to start up a comic book convention. This was back in the days when such things were given no respect by anybody, even the people who were in the industry. San Diego was too far away from LA do drive for such a thing, and if you remember back then, which you probably don’t, animation was at it’s nadir, literally dying.

The first REAL convention was in 1970, the Golden State Comic-Con at the U.S. Grant Hotel, which has since been renovated. 300 people showed up, which is normal for that kind of thing. After all, comics were for kids and if you went to one of those thing you were considered weird. But the artform was changing. only two years before the first preliminary meetings, the historic Zap #1 came out, bringing forth a revolution.

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Anime NYC Hits Javits Center For Second Year


New York is a city that has had a long history with anime. From the first clubs to emerge from the East Village trading Star Blazers tapes, to Chinatown influx of anime and import video games, to everything from Streamline’s initial release of Akira to the latest Love Live movies hitting the arthouse theaters. That tradition continues with the upcoming Anime NYC convention.

Held November 16 to 18 at the Jacob Javits Center (655 West 34th Street), Anime NYC had its premiere installment in 2017, gaining fan attention. This year’s convention features new world premiere screenings, panel discussions, a plethora of musical acts, and more. One of the world premiere is the first episode of Mob Psycho 100 II, the second season of the incredibly bizarre supernatural action comedy from One, the creator of One Punch Man. Studio Trigger will be showcasing their latest projects, SSSS Gridman and Promare as part of a series of panels.

For the culinarily inclined, Anime NYC will also feature Ramen Summit 2.0, featuring Keizo Shimamoto (Chef-Owner Ramen Shack / Ramen Burger) and Kenshiro Uki (VP of OperationsSun Noodle / Ramen Lab) alongside three amateur ramen-cooks as they discuss the rise of the Japanese soul food in New York. Sci-fi illustrator extraordinaire and character designer, Range Murata, will be signing autographs and appear at panels in conjunction with newly emerged publisher, Denpa. Veteran of Gainax and current Studio Trigger animator, Hiromi Wakabayashi, will appear as part of the Studio Trigger panels. Producer Naohiro Ogata (Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt), will be presenting a preview of the upcoming Mobile Suit Gundam NT, the latest in the perennial series with anti-war messaging and toyetic military mechs.

The convention also features an Artist Alley with publishers, artists, and creators from all over the world. Presented in conjunction with Anime NYC is Anisong World Matsuri at the Hammerstein Ballroom. This is the first time the concert series as been presented in the US, and features acts including Luna Haruna, Shoko Nakagawa, Morning Musume。’18, and more.

To learn more, go to:

Anime NYC
November 16 - 18, 2018

Javits Center
655 W 34th St
New York, NY 10001

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