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The Creators at NY Comic Con 2012

One great thrill of attending NY Comic Con is meeting authors and artists. Whether it's waiting in line for hours, or supressing your own bodily functions, it's all worth it to get a chance for a one-on-one meeting with the people who have unlocked the doors to our imaginations. Here is a gallery of some of the great creators at the 2012 NY Comic Con!












The Cosplay of Comic Con 2012

Years ago when I first experienced the joys of the weird alternate reality of a “con,” I didn’t quite know how many other people had shared my love of comic books, science fiction, horror films and fantasy novels.

And little did I think the phenomenon would expand to be so huge drawing in 100,000+ people and basically driving the mainstream rather than standing far to the side.

While I loved all things “con” whether they be world-cons, comic cons or fantasy expos, I never got caught up in the intoxicating pleasure of what’s now know as cosplay. But back in the day when I first touched ground in various downtown hotels around the country to share with sf/fantasy/horror fans who did suit up into their favorite characters -- much to the shock and dismay of the mundanes staying in these places in normal garb.

Now every year that the New York Comic Con make its presence felt in mid October, it has brought out the fans and the serious cos-play participants. If there’s any way to find out who’s the hot property of the year or the classic standby just scan the Comic Con crowds.

These fans show their love on their sleaves, in every costume, no matter how expertly crafted, or quickly slapped togethe. New York Comic Con is fandom at it's finest!







poisoni vy pal


trek meets





New York Comic Book Landmark Closes Doors

MOCCAThe Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA) since 2001 has been bringing great minds from the world of comics and animation to speak to the public and has exhibitted some truly amazing art from the likes of Neal Adams, Paul Pope, Frank Miller, Will Eisner, Dan DeCarlo, and many more.

Besides events and exhibitions that has taken place at the museum itself it has hosted an indie comic con that has introduced fans to the finest from the indie circuit. 

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Next Generation Retailing at the NRF Show & Expo 2012

A glimpse at the future of retail was seen at the Digital Retailing panel session taking place during yesterday’s National Retail Federation annual industry show in New York's Javits Center. The CEOs of curated home goods online retailer One King’s Lane and online dress and accessories rental retailer Rent the Runway talked at length about how their companies combine the art of retail merchandising with the science of data brought together in an around the clock online carefully curated and crafted retail experience for their customer.

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