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Treasure Seekers 3: Following the Ghosts for iOS

Treasure Seekers 3: Follow the GhostsTreasure Seekers 3: Follow the Ghosts, from G5 Entertainment, is the newest installment in the Treasure Seekers franchise for iOS.  The series takes a new twist on an old playground game called "I spy" tasking the player to seek out different items to progress through the story. The game features beautifully made 48 levels with elaborate environments, where every carefully placed item plays a key role in the overall experience.

Villian encountered during the game.You follow protagonists Tom and Nelly as they go through 5 chapters of story ridding each apparition back into their resting place through finding key items throughout the level and solving creatively done puzzles along the way.

The majority of TS3 is played by finding specific items within the levels spanning several different scenes. The items aren't listed straight out for the player as you will have to figure out what is needed. An additional mechanism is the "key items" feature where only a collection of specific objects will unlock the main story key.

Strewn between the items and puzzles is a plethora of mini-games covering the classics including sliding puzzles, memory games, and riddles. Don't worry, if you ever get stuck the hint system will guide you to the solutions without penalty.

Elaborate scenes full of detailTS3 definitely lives up to the series keeping to its core while still incorporating new elements. While some of the puzzles are confusing and take a certain knowledge of the puzzle genre, the majority of offer a sense of accomplishment when completed. The two gameplay modes, advanced and casual, together allow for the game to be enjoyed by anyone with any skill level. Available hints regenerate at different rates depending on the mode used and are encouraged to be used.

The responsiveness of the touchscreen queries was quite forgiving. Touching near an item will still select it which is especially helpful on a smaller screen. Sometimes I was able to get an item by spamming my selections, but is eventually discouraged by the game's ability to limit the number of touches within a short amount of time.

Overall, TS3 acts as a gateway into the puzzle genre. Any level of player can play and fully grasp the concept and story presented. The only limitations to the game is the platform itself. The small screen format on the iPhone or the iPod touch makes it difficult to fully appreciate the level's artistic detail. TS3 is free to download with the ability to unlock the full experience in game allowing players to try it out before purchasing. The iPad version does cost $2 more, but is worth it if you are a fan of the series or of the detailed environments.

I give this title a 3/4.

Treasure Seekers 3: Follow the Ghosts
G5 Entertainment

Free to download with in game purchase:
iPhone or iPod: $4.99
iPad: $6.99

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