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Supermarket Mania for Android Review

Supermarket ManiaNo one would picture themselves as a grocery store clerk as their dream job, unless of course it's in a video game. In Supermarket Mania from G5 Entertainment you play as Nikki, the store clerk, keeping five stores stocked with items for their customers. As always, keeping the customers happy with minimal wait times is overall goal of this time management simulator.


Interrupting the simple task of shelve stocking are random events including potential grocery thieves and dropped bags from customers which Nikki has to pick up and recycle (you can't throw anything away these days). Like in Diner Dash, managing between the predictable and the unpredictable presents the challenge of Supermarket upgrades

Utilizing the same technique found in Diner Dash, Nikki's movement is controlled by a queue system allowing you to plan her route throughout the store. Balancing between the tasks efficiency will gain the optimal amount of money used to upgrade the store and Nikki herself. Some of the purchased store upgrades include higher capacity shelves, a coffee maker to speed up Nikki, and cash register items like gumballs to milk the customers of their money even further.

Supermarket Mania is a simple time management game with short levels which makes it ideal for mobile platforms where gameplay only lasts a few minutes. It wasn't very challenging to play or to beat, but it is a relaxing game where little frustration occurs.

On a mobile platform, games that are relaxing and pass time are perfect but in any other settings would be boring and lackluster. While Supermarket Mania is available for your home computer, the desktop platform isn't very well suited for this kind of experience. Because Supermarket Mania was made for a mobile device, I give it a 3/4.

Download it now on the Android Market.

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