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Review: Success Story for Android

success story titleLet’s play some Whack-a-mole with burgers! Yes, that’s right. Success Story from G5 Entertainment is exactly like that classic arcade game, but instead of pesky moles, you hit buns, burgers, lettuce, and other condiments for a burger. The goal of Success Story is to fill customer burger orders by tapping on ingredients as they come up. Be quick or they will disappear back into the holes. This fast paced burger maker will get your thumbs working and your eyes quickly moving.

When a customer orders, ingredients will start popping out of the play area, and your job is to select the correct order of toppings to make three burgers (apparently every customer wants three burgers). Be careful of what ingredients are selected as only the freshest of them will obtain maximum satisfaction.

If the customers are satisfied, they will order the combo meal which includes fries, drink and a dessert. Complete customer orders quickly to gain unlocks to the store. Boss battle mini-games after each round complete the food slinging experience.

Success Story play field layoutSuccess Story’s overall layout has the customers arriving on the left side of the screen with the play area on the right. The majority of player interaction is spent on the left side selecting ingredients, while the right remains idle, only giving customer information.

As a result, your fingers will occupy the right side, making your right thumb work harder than your left and making the controls uncomfortable after a while. I eventually did learn to use the left hand, but it resulted in that hand blocking the customer information which made gameplay increasingly difficult, especially at the higher levels.

After resolving the control issues, the game is very addictive with levels increasing in difficulty and speed. With 10 different environments and as many boss characters, the replay value is high with pleasing visuals which do not detract from the overall experience.

Score: 3/4

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