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Review: Stand O' Food for Android

stand o food title screenThink about your favorite fast food restaurant and look back at the kitchen. Not quite gourmet but it gets the job done. The workers take ingredients off the shelves, assemble the sandwich on the table, wrap it up and send it off for you to enjoy.

Envision that assembly process into a game and you got yourself Stand O’ Food from G5 Entertainment.

 Okay, that mental picture doesn’t set up for a good game concept -- but be surprised. You control a burger clerk taking orders and assembling the burgers for the customers.

The ingredients are set out on several conveyer belts for you to pick. The trick is that only the ingredient at the end of each conveyer belt is accessible. Balancing the demands of your customers and the ingredients on the belts make for an interesting challenging game.

As the levels progress, unlocks stand of food conveyer beltscan be purchased to improve profits, increase speed, and help organize ingredients as they appear. The levels slowly increase in difficulty making it an easy learning curve.  Levels also play quickly, which is perfect for a mobile Android platform.

Not much more can really be said about the title. The game can get repetitive at some points, with slow difficulty progression making for somewhat boring initial levels. Unlike a lot of time management games, the pace is more relaxed, which might be enjoyable for some.

Overall, the game slightly lacks in variety with a slow pace. But the length of each level and its relaxing nature make it suited for the Android Marketplace.

I give the game a 2/4.

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